Updates are now on ReverbNation

Mar 05

Hi everyone, All music updates (for the foreseeable future) are now on ReverbNation. Please click the following link to go there: Geoff Mills on ReverbNation

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Written, arranged, performed and produced by yours truly

Apr 03

Dear friends, I’m very happy and excited to share this pre-vocals, fully completed instrumental version of “Welcome to the Show” with you. I hope you feel the same intentions I’ve worked towards, in terms of the arrangements and movement on this one. I’m looking forward to sharing the final release of this as soon as I’ve convinced...

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Your Song – the video

Nov 15

Geoff Mills presents his first music video for the track “Your Song” Made possible by the efforts and creative magic of the Fh-Studio team located in Montreal, Canada. Thanks to everyone involved for making this possible!  

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One step closer

Nov 07

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iPhone/iPad links!

Oct 30

iPhone/iPad direct music links have been added to the Music section in order to provide users of these devices mobile access to Geoff’s music!

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The Way I Feel [continued...]

Aug 04

From Geoff: “I like to believe that in originality I am perhaps sharing what others in this industry do not; and that is, the process of creating a song. So to that affect here is another day or two past and what’s new with “The Way I Feel”. Intro and first verse written, sequenced and first round of tryout lyrics/vocals here (a couple...

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The Way I Feel

Jul 25

Latest personal blog post from Geoff Mills Late night writing: The Way I Feel ————————————————— http://singergeoffmills.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-are-you-doing-tonight.html —————————————R

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